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Stephen Harrison


Gregory Sempowski

Dr. Sempowski is a Professor in Medicine and Pathology in the Duke School of Medicine. He is Overall Scientific Director for Shared Resources in the Duke Human Vaccine Institute, which includes the NIAID-Regional Biocontainment Laboratory at Duke and its Collaborative Research Units (i.e., Immunology, Virology, Bacteriology). His PhD research in Immunology at the University of Rochester concerned inflammation, wound healing, and host response (innate and adaptive).  Since joining the faculty at Duke University Medical Center in 2000, he has studied immunosenescence associated with aging and host response to infectious diseases. Dr. Sempowski is widely recognized for his contributions to studies of thymic aging, immunosenescence, host response to infections agents, multiplex
biomarker analysis, and immune monitoring.


Thomas B. Kepler

Dr. Kepler is Professor and Vice-Chair of Microbiology at Boston University School of Medicine and Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Boston University, and director of the BUSM immunology training program. He is a leading expert on the somatic genetics of antibody affinity maturation and a distinguished computational biologist. He has developed many of the tools used globally for the analysis of immunoglobulin sequence data (e.g. SoDA and more recently Cloanalyst). An important recent contribution is full assembly of the macaque Ig locus, enabling the macaque studies in this proposal. He is a former Vice-president for academic affairs at the Santa Fe Institute (Santa Fe, NM), former co-chair of the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at Duke, and a former member of DHVI.

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